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2008 Young Adult “Metamorphosis @ Your Library”

Chapter 1
Do We Want to Have a Teen Summer Library Program?

  • Benefits for Library
  • Benefits for Teens

Chapter 2
Where Do We Start With a Teen Summer Library Program?

Chapter 3
Can We Do Extra Things For Teens?

  • Information Collecting
  • Special Events

Chapter 4
What Do Teens Need To Do?

  • Counting Books
  • Counting Pages
  • Counting Time
  • Point System
  • Contracts
  • Counting Books Reading Log
  • Counting Pages Reading Log
  • Metamorphosis @ Your Library Teen Reading Contract

Chapter 5
Don’t Bug Me, I’m Reading

  • Bug-igami
  • Set Them Free
  • Buggy Fear Factor
  • Big Bug Movie Night
  • Resources

Chapter 6
Change Your Outside

  • Martial Arts Demonstration
  • Mehndi
  • Put Your Best Foot Forward: Dressing Up For Job Interviews
  • Makeover Night
  • Makeover Barbie
  • Wednesday Weigh-in Weight Loss Support Group
  • Dining Ettiquette Jeopardy™
  • Resources

Chapter 7
Change Your Inside

  • Meditation
  • Parent/Teen Activity Night
  • Volunteering in the Library
  • Volunteer Faire
  • Volunteering Opportunity Bulletin Board
  • Nutrition: Healthy Food Cooking Contest
  • Nutrition: New Food Pyramid
  • Resources

Chapter 8
Change Your Things

  • My Space – Not the Computer Kind
  • Pimp My Ride
  • Hot Wheels
  • Recycled Crafts
  • Resources

Chapter 9
Changing Technology

  • Digital Photo Manipulation Art Show
  • MP3/IPod Book Theme Song Interactive Bulletin Board Display
  • Blog Show and Tell
  • Blog How-To
  • Booktalk Podcasting
  • Invention Convention: Adaptive Technology Blog
  • Resources

Chapter 10
Changing Times

  • Timeline of Their Lives
  • Foxtrot, Swing, and Disco
  • The Changing World
  • Resources

Chapter 11
Wrapping It Up

  • Send Thank You Letters
  • Summarize for Next Year
  • Throw A Party
  • Notify the Schools
  • Gear Up For Next Year!

About the Artist

Jan Duursema is well known for her artwork which appears in numerous comic book series including Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars Comics, and Marvel Comics. Some of her more famous characters include The Incredible Hulk, Spider Man, Wolverine, X-Factor as well as in DC Comics’ Hawkman, Wonderwoman and others. She was the creator of Denin and Vila from Naldar, the Twi'lek Jedi Aayla Secura and the Kiffar Jedi Quinlan Vos. She often works with John Ostrander.

In an interview with Silver Bullet Comic Books Interviewer, Mike Jozic, Jan said,

“One of my favorite things is looking for background flora and fauna I can put into the panels. Throwaway stuff, I suppose, as it isn't necessary to include it to tell the story - but I think it adds to the overall texture and imparts a visual richness to the places being shown. As with other work I've done - whether it was X-Men, Hawkman or AD&D, I throw my creative energies totally into the lives of the characters and try to understand what motivates them - how they walk, gesture - when they smile - what makes them angry or sad. I try to give each character their own visual personality and identity in the way they move and react. When I'm done with a story, I want to feel like I made these characters come alive for the reader.”

CSLP is very pleased to have Jan Duursema for this year’s Metamorphosis teen summer reading theme. Jan lives in Mt. Freedom, New Jersey and is married to artist Tom Mandrake, both of whom did the art for Marvel Star Wars 92: The Dream.

For more information on Jan, see her website: http://www.janduursema.com

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